Spring Activities at A.C.E. Language Institute at MSU


A.C.E. students groove to “Skavacado.”

June in Bozeman easily sees snow, and this year sprinkled on the 9th. Undeterred by spring’s slow start, A.C.E. students danced outside to local band “Skavacado” at the grand opening of store Schnee’s on June 8th.  Schnee’s, a very Montana institution, will equip you head-to-toe for outdoor activities or get your dress cowboy boots made from custom calf.  An artswalk surrounded the opening and students wandered from mural to sculpture taking in all downtown has to offer.


Married couple Jae Nyu Chun, Level 1, and Hai Jong Lee, Level 2, dig in to burgers.

Also celebrating the season, A.C.E. staff threw a summer session kickoff barbeque on May 18th.  Though indoors, all the warm-weather American staples were there: hamburgers, watermelon, chips and lemonade.  Activities Coordinator Sally Belk King counts this inaugural event as such as a success that regular start-of-term barbeques will be implemented.

An elite high school rodeo final and the season opening of the Bogert farmer’s market last week signal that spring has indeed finally sprung.  A.C.E. students will have to balance books with fun as Montana ramps up for another splendid season.

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