GILI Teacher Trainees Arrive at SPU


Teachers, standing, meet trainees for the first time.

For the seventh time, Gangwon International Language Institute trainees arrived at the A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU.  Forty-eight hours after their plane ride, these elementary school teachers faced a slew of orientations: their teacher, their texts, the campus, and the city that is home for the next four weeks.


Mr. Woong Lee, GILI Supervisor, and Mr. Sam Shepherd, A.C.E. Vice President, reunite warmly on the SPU campus.

GILI trainees are an elite group.  For professional development, experienced English teachers spend six months in specialized training, the first four in Korea then two with A.C.E.   After a month here in Seattle a campus swap will take them 676 miles to Montana while their secondary school counterparts also cross the Rockies and Cascades, all by charter bus.  For now the bus these students navigate is Metro by ORCA card, and Roald Dahl’s works take them through advanced studies for fluency, methodology, and research with caring and expert A.C.E. staff.

More photos of orientation day here, including the official group picture.

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