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Dear A.C.E. Teachers – A Special Thanks on National Teacher Day

Dear A.C.E. Teachers, For the hours you spend teaching us in class. For the hours you spend planning each lesson and grading our work. For the hours you spend up at night thinking of how you can help us understand…

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Recent Activities at A.C.E. Language Institutes

A.C.E. is proud of the diverse environments at each of our Language Institutes. Though each location offers a unique experience, all are focused on improving your student’s English and cross-cultural awareness. Here’s a glimpse into the engaging activities our students…

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Happy New Year from A.C.E.!

Happy New Year to all our friends around the world! Have a look back at our 2013 year in photos. We look forward to continue celebrating our 40th anniversary throughout the 2014 year. http://www.cultural.org/about/2013photos/

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A.C.E. Celebrates 40 Years of Making the World Your Community!

Happy Birthday A.C.E.! It has been an exciting 40 years of Making the World Your Community by creating new connections, facilitating learning, and building interpersonal networks among people of different languages, cultural backgrounds and communities. A very warm”Thank you!” to…

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A.C.E. Staff Visit Embassies in Washington, DC

The first Saudi Arabian scholarship students in 1927 went to nearby countries and focused only on Bachelor’s degrees in Arabic and Islamic studies.  Today more than 100,000 Saudi scholars have come to the United States alone. Others travel to Poland, The Netherlands, Singapore,…

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