Monthly Archives: July 2012

Queen Anne News Reports on Russian Banking Group Program

Global education often involves a wide network of people and decades of relationship development.  One of the Group Programs which A.C.E. administered this summer, 2012 Russian Banking Summer School, is an excellent illustration of this point.  A.C.E.’s Senior Advisor for Russia and…

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A.C.E. Student Scientists Visit Seattle BioMed and Promote Global Health

Seattle is a hotbed of global health, with the renowned Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visibly fighting every day to bring comfort and cure to the Third World.  Research in Seattle to save lives precedes the giant, in 1976 Seattle…

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A Week at the A.C.E. Language Institute at URI

Of all the tricks in an ESL teacher’s bag, a quohog shell from nearby Long Island Sound may seem the least likely.  But the remains of the small clam may be all that is needed to compose an in-class assignment. …

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A.C.E. Students Engage Culture and the Outdoors!

On an early Saturday morning in June, four A.C.E. Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) students chose to jump out of bed and volunteer in a neighborhood park.  Despite the cloudy morning and some rain, Risa Maeda, Yuto Hosobe,…

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