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A.C.E. Through Two Generations at SPU: Celebrating Forty Years of Making the World Your Community

“When I stepped into the A.C.E. office in lower Queen Anne last summer, I felt all my fond memories return.  There were friendly and welcoming staff members and a clean and comfortable space decorated in a multi-cultural flavor.  When President Woodward…

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Home for the Chinese New Year: Our A.C.E. Intern Reports

A.C.E. staff are born in Israel, Germany, or Iran; they went to graduate school in the UK or grew their career for years in Holland or Russia; they spent entire high school classes in Peru, Japan, Brazil.  The professionalism and…

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Our Summer Intern from Kazakhstan Shares her Experience

In the summer of 2010, I had an educational internship with Associations in Cultural Exchange Language Institutes. The time that I spent there was very beneficial, because I have learned a lot in the sphere of marketing and management, as…

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Speaking in Tongues Movie Review

Yesterday A.C.E. Central Office staff had a chance to watch and review an interesting film about bilingual education called Speaking in Tongues. The documentary follows the lives of four San Francisco youth who attend bilingual education immersion schools for a…

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Friday Book Corner

The ascension of English as the international language of commerce and culture has impacted several facets of globalization, the least of which certainly isn’t education. The demand for English language education grows daily, but occasionally we stop and wonder how…

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