A.C.E. Experiences: Aki (Japan)

Several months ago we spoke with A.C.E. student Aki from Japan about her experiences at A.C.E. and making friends with students at Seattle Pacific University. We caught up with Aki again to get her final thoughts on her experience here in Seattle. 

A.C.E: You sound much more confident speaking English than when we last met! 

Aki: Of course, thanks to my teachers at A.C.E.! 🙂 They are so kind, and they really care about how students are doing.

A.C.E.: How was your final poster presentation for this session (Level 5)? 

Aki: It went great. My topic was prescription drugs. I learned a lot about my topic, and other topics from my classmates. We talked about issues like gun control, college tuition, and other things.


Enjoying summer by the water outside A.C.E. classrooms.

A.C.E.: I heard you’re getting ready to go home soon? 

Aki: Yes, I’m leaving for Japan next week.

A.C.E.: What are you most looking forward to? What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get to Japan?

Aki: I think I’ll go to a “Conbini” (Japanese convenience store) and get some rice balls. Comfort food! I miss my friends and family, and home cooking. It will be great to see them again.

A.C.E.: Plans for after you return to your home university? 

Aki: Because I am a literature major, I really want to focus on writing if I can! I’ll be looking for a job where I can use my degree from university.

With the Tokyo Olympics in a few years I also hope that I’ll have more chances to use my English in Japan. I’ve worked part-time at restaurants where English speaking tourists would come to eat, and hopefully can find more opportunities to keep up my English.

A.C.E.: Lasting memories of Seattle? 

Aki: Seattle has been so…comfortable for me. The summer weather, the kind people,  and of course all my friends and the staff at A.C.E. have been wonderful. Lately, I’ve been able to visit the winery Chateau Ste. Michelle with my friend Sara from SPU; go to concerts here in Seattle; and even hit the beach.

One of the things I’ll miss about Seattle are the farmer’s markets. I really enjoyed talking to the local producers, something I don’t get to do much of in Japan.

A.C.E.: What message do you have for international students who want to study English in the U.S.? 

Aki: Find something you enjoy doing and the language part will follow. You can learn and enjoy so much about other cultures different from your own. Having fun is definitely the best way to study English! I want to thank my teachers and the staff at A.C.E. for helping me to study English and also enjoy myself during my time in the U.S.


Aki with her friends from A.C.E.!

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