Commencement of the Carols!

By: Special Correspondent Serafima Healy, age 12, grade 7 (daughter of Tim Healy, Assistant Director at A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU)

The holiday festivities have begun at A.C.E., introduced with a lively performance of A Christmas Carol by the ACT Theater. This annual trip to the ACT is a great way to start the season, and for me the ‘official’ start of Christmas. Not only is this a fun group activity that anyone can enjoy, but it really brings to life the great English literature and language of Charles Dickens. On the day of the play the entire A.C.E. party showed up to be a part of the audience of Charles Dickens’ well-loved A Christmas Carol. And, boy did we enjoy it! Well, with the signature “bah humbug” and antagonistic Ebenezer Scrooge, who wouldn’t?

Every year I see this play with my dad and sometimes brother and it really paints the wonderful world of Dickens for me. It is truly one of my favorite winter activities because I love to see the reaction of my brother when Marley jumps out of the bed, and even though I have seen it plenty of times sometimes I check the mattress just to make sure there is no captive spirit underneath waiting to tell me of my fate.

Now when we go see it we go during the time when all of the other schools do. And it is really cool to see which students (besides the A.C.E. group) I might know because the schools that attend are usually private and we are tightly knotted together. Not to mention to see the few brave ones who try and carry on my dad’s immortal attempts of starting a wave.

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