A.C.E. Shares Thanksgiving Potluck at SPU

By Kate Spoor, Program Coordinator – A.C.E. students, A.C.E./SPU Culture Partners, and the First Free Methodist Church hosted an International Potluck Event on Tuesday, November 15, 2011, on the SPU campus.

Over 50 members from the church, A.C.E. staff, teachers, and students attended and the event was a wonderful success!  A.C.E. students brought food from all over the world – including Japanese Mochi, Korean Bulgogi , and Arabic coffee, dates, and kapsa.   Church members prepared the turkey and potatoes while the A.C.E. staff provided stuffing, green bean casseroles, corn muffins, and scones.   SPU Culture Partners brought an array of traditional plates for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pies, stuffing, cranberries, and rolls graced our colorfully decorated tables.

A.C.E. Executives, David Woodward and Anthony Fantham made an appearance and greeted the students.

After we all enjoyed the wonderful meal,  Fumika, Ahmed, Jinny, Fabio, and Pitch shared stories of fall festivals and traditions within their families in their home countries.  Eid-al-Adha is a Muslim celebration that happened within the last month, so many Muslim students also shared what the special holiday meant to them.

Later on we broke into small groups and shared what we were thankful for in our lives.  Some students shared very deeply, personal stories and we all felt very honored to hear them.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with their hosts, friends, and families.

Cheers from Student Services,

Kate, Kara, and Isaac

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