Former WLCA student Arman Kehlhofer wins year abroad in Trabzon, Turkey

A.C.E. World Language & Culture Ambassadors (WLCA), formerly World Language Programs, recently received a touching email from the father of a former WLCA student saying, “We appreciate the work A.C.E. does in getting young people interested in learning languages and learning about different cultures!”

In 2009, his son Arman Kehlhofer attended WLCA’s  STARTALK  summer camp on Farsi language and Persian culture, an experience Arman says “really helped him with his Farsi skills.” Since then, Arman has continued down a path of international exploration and education. While continuing his Farsi studies, Arman has also taken on Turkish, Spanish, and German. Most recently, he was awarded a NSLI-Y Scholarship from the U.S. State Department for a year-long immersion program abroad in Trabzon, Turkey during the 2011-2012 academic year. When he returns, Arman plans to attend the University of Washington to pursue his studies in Linguistics and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, also hoping to add Arabic to the mix.

Arman really sums up what WLCA desires for all its students when he says, “I really do love learning languages and exploring the world.”  Congratulations to Arman on this great award and best of luck in your future studies!

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