A.C.E. Senior Director Lectures in Kazakhstan

A.C.E. Senior Director Sally Thomas traveled to Almaty, Kazakhstan April 19-24, 2013.  Her expertise in teacher training led to an invitation to conduct a two-day intensive workshop at Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages (AKU).  April 23 she presented  “Education and Culture: An American Perspective” and “Modern Trends in Education.” On April 24 she stood up in front of the class for  “Practical Activities to Improve English Fluency and Confidence” and followed her lecture with a small group discussion.  Below successful graduates hold their certificates aloft, all smiles after learning two days of trends in the field and pedagogy.

Sally Kazakh Teacher Training

The first part of her trip was spent with Dr. Ali Abishev, who received his ESL training at the A.C.E. Language Institute at Montana State University.  Dr. Abishev is Rector of  Kazakh Economic University and subsequently brought groups of university administrators and graduate students in the field to A.C.E. Language Institutes in Seattle and Montana for specialty training and ESL. Dr. Abishev is also president of the Association of Universities of Kazakhstan and  invited Thomas to the 11-member panel presenting on language education at AKU’s  70th Anniversary celebration.  The next day she celebrated Kazakh New Year, commemorating independence from the former Soviet Union, sipping on horse milk and skewers of meat, seated on the floor of a traditional yurt specially erected for the occasion.

Sally Dr. Ali

Dr. Ali Abishev toasts Senior Director Sally Thomas.

A.C.E. hosts a group of interns from Kazakh Economic University in partnership with E2 Educational Services each summer.  Through these strong ties, AKU Rector Dr. Salima Kunanbayeva expressed an interest in formal cooperation with A.C.E.  in a meeting with Thomas. We look forward to more years of working with all our strong partners in Central Asia in making the world your community.

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