Kazakh Business Interns Explore Pacific Northwest Companies

Campbell Nelson Nissan has car dealers in the family for three generations.  After visiting the showroom, office, and car lot, intern Inzhu Sabyr from T. Ryskulov Kazakh Economics University pointed out tracing businesses back in Kazakhstan inevitably hits the wall of the Soviet regime.  She and five others gathered insights like this during E2 Educational Services’ summer School of Entrepreneurial Leadership.  Sixteen came from their 15,000-member student body, these six to the Puget Sound area.

Marzhan and Inzhu edit the A.C.E. Russian landing page.

Aktan Taumbayev, Tair Baigunov, Marzhan Arystanbayev, Alexandra Mukhamedkhanova, Mariya Tuchkova and Inzhu are business majors well into their studies.  They have three weeks in Seattle with intensive English and even more intensive site visits.  Lectures about tiny, medium, and large non-profit and for-profit companies are presented, remembered and drawn upon as interviews, shadowing, and direct experience are added teachers.

There were tours of giants Boeing and Amazon, but close-ups on smaller but mighty Pacific Northwest homegrown successes taught.  “We observed the whole process from production until shipping” said Inzu and Marzhan of Issaquah’s Trophies2go.com.  In April, Trophies2go.com won Large Retailer of the Year of their 4,000-member association.  The criteria that won the award, (showroom design and presentation, website design, production technology, employee benefits, recognition industry involvement and community involvement), are the very things these students are here to absorb and implement.  Continuing through the weeks, from North Bend they saw the work behind modern website franceluxe, selling even more modern hair barrettes.  In Renton it was the huge range of services Mosiac offers the energy industry, from software training to management strategies to process mapping.  In Seattle they joined A.C.E. staff for a peek behind the curtain of a non-profit.  Of that they said:

“Meeting such people like president David Woodward, Samuel Shepherd, Andrew Turgeon, Ben Kantner, Lori Maxfield, Brenna Reid, Erika Fiebig, we understood that their purpose is to make meaning, not money.  And we wish the prosperity and further development of the A.C.E., that they love so much.”

Enrollment Services Coordinator Ben Kantner, Marketing Director Lori Maxfield, Mariya, Alexandra, and Enrollment Services Coordinator Andrew Turgeon.

Next year E2 will welcome the 15th group of future business men and women.  In 1996 E2 began working with Kazakh American Free University, also an A.C.E. partner, in Ust Kamenogorsk, KZ at the invitation of the Minister of Education.  In 2006 they began working with T. Ryskulov Kazakh Economics University.  A.C.E. has strong relationships with both institutions. President Woodward traveled to Kazakhstan to meet the university Presidents and the student body which will bring us the next future leaders.

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