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ACEBook: Now Taking Requests

We here at A.C.E. are always looking for new ways to engage our community at both the local and international level. Furthermore, we rely on input from every employee, partner, student, and casual observer of the goings-on at A.C.E. to…

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Remembering Professor Nara

A.C.E. only recently learned that our long time friend and colleague, Professor Takashi Nara, passed away last year. Professor Nara chaired the English language department at Morioka College in Sendai Japan. Formerly, he was the Executive Director of the Tokyo…

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International Traveling Tips

Memorial Day weekend has passed, the 2009 NAFSA Conference is in full swing, and summer is finally settling into the Northwest. That means the travel season is well upon us, and it’s peak time for international students and group programs…

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International Symposium Poll

A.C.E.’s International Symposium, celebrating 35 years of making the world your community, is only six weeks away! Maybe you’ll be swinging by Seattle on your way to NAFSA, maybe you’re a student with an international focus, or perhaps you just…

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