Reconnecting with A.C.E. Alumni in Seattle

This past Monday, teachers and staff at A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU were treated to an unexpected visit from A.C.E. alumni Ayano from Japan and Ramona from Romania! In the months that have passed since Ayano and Ramona graduated from A.C.E. Level 6, both of these star students have moved onto exciting new ventures.


Welcome back to A.C.E. Ayano and Ramona!

Ayano has returned to Japan last summer to continue her undergraduate studies. While visiting with her former teachers at the A.C.E. office, she confessed, “Before I studied at A.C.E., I was afraid to argue. But after I learned to debate at A.C.E., now I feel confident to debate in my classes.” Ayano hopes to come back and visit us again in the future.

Ramona still lives in Seattle with her husband. She shared that, “[they] love Seattle, so we extended our stay here.” She spends her time volunteering, and has plans to pursue a Master’s in communications at the University of Washington in the future.

Alumni visitors

A.C.E. alum with their former teachers outside the Language Institute office

We are very excited to have our alumni return to A.C.E. and visit with us. Keep in touch and see you next time!

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