Meeting in St. Louis and Celebrating Forty Years of Making the World Your Community: A.C.E. Staff Reunite at NAFSA Conference

After seventeen years, a former A.C.E. employee reconnected with
President David Woodward at the annual NAFSA conference held in St. Louis
last month. Christi Castonguay started her work with A.C.E. in the early
1990s recruiting host families for summer group programs. Eventually she
became the homestay coordinator with the International Training and
Development Institute.  Later, she moved to the company’s Intensive English Language Institute at SPU. She finally left A.C.E. when she started a family and
moved out of state.

Christi was excited to learn that President Woodward would be at the
conference held in the town where she now resides. After a long hiatus she
has returned to the field of international education and is currently
employed by Webster University. She fondly remembers her time at A.C.E. and
credits her experience there with fueling her passion for intercultural

David Woodward and Christi Castonguay
“What a great opportunity it was to see President Woodward again and learn
about how A.C.E. has grown over the years,” said Christi. “It is certainly a testament to the dedication of its employees and the importance of its work that the company is prospering today. Congratulations on your 40 year anniversary!”

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