Global Partners in Beijing Welcome A.C.E. Directors

A.C.E. Director of Marketing Lori Maxfield and Senior Director for Program Development Paul Kwilinski traveled to China last month to shore up existing relationships with global partners and shake hands with new ones. During the week visit, they held up a breakneck pace of 15 visits in five days. Zigging in taxis while scooters and bicycles in the hundreds zagged outside the window, they traveled to meetings in Beijing’s high rise office parks, visiting partners like Hector Liu at Beijing Prepare Co., below.

Hector and Lori.

Hector and Lori.

On the A.C.E. side, Maxfield said, “Paul and I had a terrific week in Beijing.  Each of our partners is entirely unique and we’re proud to collaborate in supporting the needs of our students.”

On the partner side, Education USA Bejing said, “A few days ago, A.C.E. management visited our center.  I feel their school is different from other ESL providers. In addition to language classes, they also introduce the local culture and food. Students can use university facilities and be a part of activities, so they can adapt to university learning and life. There are many ESL providers in the United States, but not too many have other courses and extra-curricular activities.”

According to the Institute of International Education Open Doors Report, students from China to the U.S. increased from 157,558 to 194,029 between 2011 and 2012. For 2013, one will these will be Tim, pictured below, right. He worked with his counselor Maggie, left, at A.C.E. partner Insights Education International to pick his perfect school. “I will be a leader at Saint Francis University,” he said, “and return home to help my family’s business.”

Maggie, Paul, and Tim.

Maggie, Paul, and Tim.

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