An A.C.E. Program Trainee Tours Seattle by Bike

gangwonstudentOne of the Korean trainees from the Gangwon program at A.C.E. this summer has written about her experience in Seattle on her bike.  It’s nice to see Seattle through the eyes of a visitor.

Knocked the Door and It was Opened to Me !!!
By Namgung Eunmi at GILI–I remember what I said before I left Korea for Seattle. I said “I will do my best for improving and enjoying my life while I am staying Seattle” I am sure, I did do my best for everything in Seattle. Especially, I was trying to be sincere for every moment because, I believe that every single step make a long journey. In addition, a moment in now is connected with right before the moment and it will be connected with right after a moment. That is the reason why I had to be sincere for a moment in now. There were many things I did my best for, but it is very difficult to introduce them all to you, so I’d like to tell you just one thing it was what I like to do most while I was staying in Seattle.  Riding a bike! It can be the best way to enjoy Seattle and to make friends. Of course, it depends on you.  Read the whole story…

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