A.C.E. Creates Connections with Georgia

maka-georgia1On March 16th Maka Janikashvili, The Director of World Language Programs at A.C.E, flew to Washington D.C and met with Ambassador Batu Kutalia, First Secretary Irma Kavtaradze and Senior Counselor Akaki Lomidze, and at the Georgia Embassy. After a very successful meeting, the President and CEO of A.C.E, David Woodward, met with the Georgian Embassy representatives and the in a week from Maka’s initial meeting to further discuss a possible venture between Georgia and A.C.E.

maka-georgia2A.C.E. is looking to offer a variety of training programs and expertise to Georgians, with primary focus on professional training such as: teacher training, executive orientation, and institutional development. In addition, A.C.E would like to bring ESL students as well as professionals from Georgia to our programs in the U.S. to further cooperation between our countries.

A.C.E is very excited about this opportunity and is looking forward to providing a variety of programs to Georgians.

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