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A.C.E. 35th Anniversary Announcement

A.C.E. is celebrating its 35th anniversary this September and will continue marking the occasion for the following year. A.C.E. was founded in 1973 after a group of community leaders in Seattle lead by Burton Bard had spent many months meeting to plan the development of an organization which would help promote global understanding through educational programs and language services. Read More

Gyeonggi Province Office of Education Visit to Seattle

A.C.E had the privilege of hosting three senior officials from the Gyeonggi Province Office of Education (GPOE). The group arrived on a beautiful, sunny day in Seattle, WA and were quickly whisked to Lake Union where they boarded the Schooner Mallory for a sailing trip with the 2008 GPOE Teacher Training Program. The three GPOE officials spent the afternoon speaking with students and A.C.E staff, enjoying the views from Lake Union and Lake Washington.

After a day of sailing and sun with the 25 teachers, the three GPOE officials met with A.C.E president David Woodwood and A.C.E Language Institute at SPU director Sally Thomas.  They discussed international education, current training programs and the future collaboration of A.C.E and the GPOE in teacher training programs at Seattle Pacific University. The enjoyable and sucessful visit from GPOE was a happy reminder that what A.C.E does still matters 35 years later, and each year becomes more and more important in this ever shrinking World.

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