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Summer Camp Teachers Attend Concordia Language Villages

Last week, our World Language Programs Director–Dr. Maka Janikashvili–and this summer’s Language Camp teachers–Tahaira Khanam (Urdu), Yassaman Raouf (Farsi), and Mustafa Al-Gamal (Arabic)–returned from a workshop retreat to Bemidji, Minnesota where they attended the acclaimed Concordia Language Villages. To read…

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Language Profile: Arabic

I. History & Distribution: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. As a result, it is deeply embedded in various cultural contexts and manifests itself in a myriad of dialects. However, because…

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Language Profile: Urdu

I. History & Distribution: Very interestingly, Urdu was created less than 500 years ago and comes from the Turkish word ‘ordo’ meaning ‘army’ or ‘camp’. During a conquest of ancient India in the 17th century, soldiers of Persian, Turkish, and…

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Language Profile: Farsi

I. History & Distribution: This Indo-European language, also known as Persian, is the most widely spoken Iranian language. It is also spoken in parts of Afghanistan, where it is called Dari, and elsewhere around the Persian Gulf. Farsi is often…

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Arabic, Urdu and Persian Summer Language Camps, 2009

Associates in Cultural Exchange, through a grant from STARTALK, is offering two-week Arabic, Urdu and Persian summer language camps at Northgate Elementary School in Seattle. Children age 11-14 are eligible. Classes start on July 13th and end July 24th and…

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