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A.C.E. President Woodward in Japan and Korea

President David Woodward swept through Asia last month to see valued friends and partners in three countries and eight cities.   In the Hawaii-like air of Okinawa, Japan, he met with Mr. Yoskue Negami at The Eiken Foundation.  A.C.E. is the…

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A.C.E. Staff Travels to GILI Homecoming Day in Korea

In August A.C.E. Langauge Institute at SPU Director Tim Healy and Instructor Rob Darling flew to Korea to attend the Gangwon International Language Institute (GILI) Workshop and Homecoming Day.  Their former students were gathered for a day of reconnection, presentations,…

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Takachiho University Professor Meets with A.C.E. Senior Staff

Professor Koichi Sato of Takachiho University in Tokyo met with Senior Director Sally Thomas and Director of Marketing Lori Maxfield on September 25th, 2012.  The three discussed Takachiho students coming to A.C.E. Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University for customized…

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Carving Future Programs with International Cooperation: Summer Visitors at A.C.E.

A.C.E. welcomed delegates from international organizations to forge partnerships centered around group programs in Seattle and abroad. General Manager Julia Zhou of EYou International Education Exchange Center (Beijing, China) met with senior management on August 8th to evaluate two proposed A.C.E….

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Crossover at A.C.E. Language Institutes: Gangwon International Language Institute and Eiken Foundation of Japan

The Eiken Foundation of Japan sent acting general manager Yosuke Negami to Korea to observe intensive English teacher training in May.  New  elementary school curriculum meant going to the neighborhood experts.  Since 2009, Gangwon International Language Institute (GILI) had specialized…

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