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Day 2 of TESOL 2010

Hello again, everyone. It’s about 1:30 here in beautiful Boston, and the conference is shaping up nicely. Since I was here for 11 hours yesterday, I strolled in at 9:45 this morning and am taking the day to explore rather…

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End of Day One

Hi, folks. After a long day hopping between workshops, fraternizing with my peers, and viewing poster sessions, I am totally exhausted from information overload. As I stated earlier, it is exciting to meet and be around so many people in…

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First Day of TESOL

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of TESOL 2010 in Boston, and I’m taking a few minutes after lunch to whip up a brief post. I arrived a little after 8 AM to register, and sure was glad I…

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Attending TESOL? Tell us why!

It’s okay to vote if you’re not going; you can pretend. If you’re not going, check back here for regular updates from the conference.

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What is your Intelligence?

To get people excited for the 2010 TESOL Convention in Boston (see post below), we invite you to take this Multiple Intelligences quiz. In 1983, Howard Gardner, who is this year’s TESOL plenary speaker, presented his Theory of Multiple Intelligences,…

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