WLCA Scholarships

In memory of Ashkan Fathi, A.C.E. is starting the “Ashkan Scholarship” to be awarded every year to help World Language & Culture Ambassadors students study with A.C.E. This fund is used for both the operation and educational costs which allow A.C.E. to provide foreign language education to elementary school students around Puget Sound. Upon your designation, your contribution will be used solely for student scholarships. Your contribution is tax deductible. Associates in Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

To contribute to the Ashkan Scholarship, make checks payable to “A.C.E. World Language & Culture Ambassadors” with “Ashkan Scholarship” written on the memo line. Send checks to:

A.C.E. World Language & Culture Ambassadors
200 W Mercer St., Ste 108
Seattle, WA 98119

About Ashkan

Ashkan_FathiAshkan Fathi was born on January 18, 1987 in Tehran, Iran. He was exposed to and was taught the Baha’i Faith through Daystar Baha’i School during elementary and middle school. Ashkan was a superb, intelligent student who maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA during this period. After middle school, Ashkan’s parents decided it would be best to send him to a special high school designed for gifted students. Unfortunately he was denied entry because of being a Baha’i.

The fact that the Iranian government was anti-Baha’i made it difficult for Ashkan and his sister Setareh, who was likewise very intelligent, receive the intellectual training they needed. To advance the future of their two bright and deserving children, their parents decided to leave Iran for Austria in late 2001. Nine months later, the United States of America welcomed his family in September of 2002.

Ashkan’s new life started in Seattle, WA. One step ahead, Ashkan had studied the 9th grade curriculum during the waiting months in Austria. He was directly admitted to 10th grade at Inglemoor High School. In high school he was an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America club (FBLA) and was also a vital member of the Environmental Protection group. As a member of FBLA, he attended the state conference and earned 5th place honors. He also received a certificate from the National Honor Roll because of his superior school and community involvement and success. On top of it all, Ashkan maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA and graduated in 2005.

He was accepted to the University of Washington in pursuit of an architectural major. Ashkan later changed his major to Psychology.

Ashkan started to work as a part time employee at the Plywood Supply Company in 12th grade. His bonding relationship with the company’s employees continued to the last days of his life. From the summer of 2008 to the end of his prolific life, Ashkan volunteered at the Crisis Clinic. He was a very dedicated and passionate worker. In the summer of 2009 at the University of Washington, Ashkan volunteered his services to two research labs: Early Childhood Cognition and Project 1, 2, 3 Go. He was also a TA for A.C.E.’s World Language Program, teaching Farsi language and Persian culture to Seattle area youth. During the camps, Ashkan became famous for “Ashkan’s group” since he undertook the project of making a separate curriculum for the advanced students on very short notice. Despite the short two weeks we had during this camp, the students formed a close bond with him. The Persian camp could not have asked for a better TA. He was truly an amazing and caring teacher, with a strong desire to positively impact his student’s learning process.

Ashkan Fathi passed away on August 9, 2009.

16 Comments on “WLCA Scholarships

  1. Although i didn’t see him ,but i love him
    i believe he has nice human behavior.
    God bless his soul

  2. Dear Ashkan;

    Words can not alone express how I’m feeling. You must realize that God’s plan for you is done here, and you will go to a better place without pain to rest.
    As you know, you are always very dear to me, I’m not gonna believe that you left us, because I can’t. You are alive forever.
    You are the best one for all of your family: very nice, sweet, kind, intelligent and wonderful man. Everyone commends your good behavior. I am proud of you.
    I just want to say my prayer, my thought, my tears, my heart go out to you. I wish I can see and join you very soon.
    I’m sure, Earth Will Never Forget you.
    May your soul rest in peace.

    I miss you and love you so much.
    Your aunt, Nahid

  3. Dear Ashkan;

    Remember when you were young and you were here
    You shone like the sun
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    Now there’s a look in your eyes
    Like black holes in the sky
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    You were caught in the crossfire
    Of childhood and stardom
    Blown on the steel breeze
    Come on you target for faraway laughter
    Come on you stranger
    You legend
    You martyr
    And SHINE

    You reached for the secret too soon
    You cried for the moon
    Shine on, Shine on you crazy diamond
    Threatened by shadows at night
    And exposed in the light
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    Well, you wore out your welcome
    With random precision
    Rode on the steel breeze
    Come on you raver
    You seer of visions
    Come on you painter
    You piper
    You prisoner
    And SHINE
    Nobody knows where you are
    How near or how far
    Shine on you crazy diamond, Shine on you crazy diamond
    Pile on many more years
    And I’ll be joining you there
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    And we’ll bask in the shadow
    Of yesterday’s triumph
    Sail on the steel breeze
    Come on you boy child
    You winner and loser
    Come on you miner for truth and delusion

    On the occasion of 18,Jan.
    Your uncle: Saeed
    Your aunt: Nahid
    We love you and miss you so much

  4. Dear Ashkan;

    It’s hard not hearing you speak,
    As the days go by I feel more and more empty, Your voice was the soundtrack of my life without you I have nothing, You’ve gone but the world still turns I wake up every morning thinking only of you and that night you left us.
    I’ve said to much and did less
    You are the one one the only one that can keep the fire burning in my soul, in my heart,
    and without that I am only a tiny piece of wood sitting alone The days are no longer warm but freezed over into a block of ice
    Now please listen to me, and hear what I have to say I love you and you can’t stop to notice me for a single moment, Its like I’m spinning in circles waiting and waiting. Waiting for you from here to eternity. I believe that will meet you somewhere.

    Miss you a lot, and I remember you all the time.
    May your soul rest in peace

    On the occasion of 9,Aug 2009.

    Your aunt Nahid

  5. 24 years ago in 18,. Jan:

    God made a wonderful son,
    An angle who never grows old;
    God made him smile of the sunshine,
    God enriched his heart of pure gold;
    In his eyes God placed bright shining stars,
    In his cheeks fair roses you see;
    God made a wonderful son,
    And God gave that dear Ashkan to us.
    But God took him again,
    Because he is an Angle,
    And he took my heart with himself.

    Dear Ashkan
    I wish I can join you very very soon, like right now
    I miss you so much.

    The occasion of 24th birth anniversary
    18, jan

    your aunt : Nahid

  6. Dear Ashkan;

    words cannot describe, words cannot describe
    your leaving
    words cannot contain, words cannot contain the pain of
    your leaving,
    your travel
    words are empty shells, words can only, the shell of the story
    inside me is the pain, inside I cry in vain
    I couldn’t stop your leaving
    you didn’t want to go, my angle, this story shows your pain at your leaving
    my angle
    if I could hold the pain , your pain
    I would you know

    my heart can’t contain the grief of your leaving
    my heart cannot contain
    my longing in vain to change your leaving

    Dear Ashkan my angle:
    I cry again inside my shell of pain
    my shell it cracks
    my life it lacks
    words to contain your leaving
    words cannot describe
    words can’t bring alive my angle who has gone leaving
    my angle
    my diamond
    you have left us
    words cannot contain, can’t bring alive my son who has gone
    your life just begun, my young son
    no holding it contained
    a world of love and pain
    my angle
    I lack words
    but I hope you can hear the love so near
    the love like a tide
    the grief that you have died
    I just cannot believe
    my angle
    I am numb
    my angle
    I can’t believe
    my angle

    You have gone.

    Miss you a lot.
    Your aunt Nahid

    On the occasion of 9,Aug

  7. In memorial of beloved my angle “Ashkan”

    Dear Ashkan, to love, laugh, cry and feel of life that you had, was so delicate and real.
    I’m down on my knees tonight again,
    Another year has come, but it seems many thousands of years.
    Any day I close my eyes, your smiling and shiny face comes through,
    The pain of losing you continues, it hasn’t healed at all,
    Although the days keep rolling, the tears for you still fall.
    I saw the signs you leave, to let me know you’re here,
    But still I long to hold you, and I wish I could always keep you near.
    Always you will be part of me, and I will forever feel your strength, when I need you most.
    You’re gone now, “GONE”, but “NOT FORGOTTEN”,
    I can’t say this to your face, but I know you hear,

    “I’ll see you again, I’ll see you again”

    They say that time is a healer, but what they didn’t know,
    How much my heart was broken, the day you had to go,
    It seems there is no ending, to this pain I feel,
    But one day soon I’m hoping, my broken heart will heal.
    You meant more that life to me; this pain will still remain,
    As I go through life each day,
    because “Someday soon I will see you again”
    You never really left, I feel you walk beside me,
    When I’m lost, when I’m missing you like crazy,
    I tell myself I’m so blessed to have had you in my life,
    When I had the time to tell you, Never thought I’d live to see the day,
    When the words I should have said, would come to haunt me,
    In my darkest hour I tell myself, I’ll see you again.

    “Someday soon I will see you again”

    Oh, How I miss you, How I miss you SO,
    If I’d known you were leaving, I went before you,
    I know; Someday soon I will see you again
    I wish that I could have you,
    Here, with me again and only then, if I see you again, I feel no more pain,
    I send you my love, Until we meet again.
    I miss and I love you so much, but I’m sure,

    “Someday soon I will see you again”
    “Someday soon I will see you again”

    Dedicated in Memorial of third year your flight to heaven.

    Your Aunt: Nahid
    9 Aug, 2012

  8. If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane,
    I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

    I thought that I would miss you so, and never find my way.
    And then I heard the angel say “he’s with you every day.”
    “The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around,
    reminding you of the love you shared, and the peace he’s finally found.”

    Reza and Simin, Dad and Mom.

  9. To honor dear Ashakn’s everlasting memory we decided every year to contribute the cost of having an anniversary commemoration service to his Scholarship fund which has already been established by ACE ” Associates in Cultural Exchange ” . Serving and Supporting Humanity and Justice were dear Ashkan’s the most valued principals and goals, so we hope this way we can follow his pathway too.

  10. I miss you every day Ashkan, thank you for being such an amazing person and for your unforgettable friendship.

  11. Dear Ashkan;

    No one in the entire world, is as precious as you are;
    Who else is there above and beyond you;
    Now let me send you a kiss and prayer for your peace;
    And with sweet whispers, fill your ears;
    You sing love song from your heart to all the family;
    Please tell me who else can ever take your place;
    Whin I watch for all that beauty reflecting from you;
    What is the worth of a diamond, if it doesn’t shine;
    How can i ever put a price on the diamond that you are;
    You are the entire treasure of all ones who know you;
    You and your shadow are forever present in our heart;
    You’re that glorious bird of paradise
    I praise your soul;
    May your soul be in peace;

    I love you so much;
    I miss you so much;
    I dedicate to you from deeply of my heart;

    Your Aunt: Nasrin
    9,Aug 2012.

  12. On this day 5 years ago I lost part of me as you were taken away,
    The hurt still is here it will never go and times couldn’t make it bearable day by day,
    So if you are looking down here at me,
    Words are not needed because you can see.
    I just dedicate Calling All Angles to your Memorial;
    May you could hear the sound of my broken heart;

    Calling all angels
    Calling all angels
    Walk me through this one
    Don’t leave me alone
    Calling all angels
    Calling all angels
    We’re crying and we’re hurting
    And we’re not sure why…
    And every day you gaze upon the sunset
    With such love and intensity
    It’s almost…it’s almost as if
    If you could only crack the code
    Then you’d finally understand what this all means
    But if you could…do you think you would
    Trade in all the pain and suffering?
    Ah, but then you’d miss
    The beauty of the light upon this earth
    And the sweetness of the leaving
    Calling all angels
    Calling all angels
    Walk me through this one
    Don’t leave me alone
    Calling all angels
    Calling all angels
    We’re trying
    We’re hoping
    We’re hurting
    We’re loving
    We’re crying
    We’re calling
    ‘Cause we’re not sure how this goes.

    Your Aunt:

  13. Dear Ashkan:

    The moment that I heard, you left us,
    my heart was torn in two,
    one side filled with heartache,
    the other died with you.

    I often lie awake at night,
    when the world is fast asleep,
    and take a walk down memory lave,
    with tears upon my cheeks.

    Remembering you is easy,
    I do it every day,
    but missing you is heartache
    that never goes away.

    I hold you tightly within my heart
    and there you will remain.
    Until the joyous day arrives,
    That we will meet again.

    I hope you know
    how much you meant to us

    May your soul be in rest and peace!

    I just love and miss you so much
    in my own special way

    Dedicated in Memorial of sixth year your flying to heaven.
    Your Aunt: Nahid

  14. Dear Ashkan;

    Today is full of memories, happiness and tears …
    of your birthday celebrations

    No words can quite convey.
    Although a happy birthday to you,
    I cannot tell.

    I’m sending a dove to heaven with a parcel on its wings …
    Be careful when you open it as it’s full of beautiful things.
    Inside, are a million kisses wrapped up in a million hugs …
    To say how much I miss you and to send you all my love.

    And though I’ll always miss you the endless joy you brought ..
    Warms my heart with gratitude and fills my every thought.
    Where ever you are resting I hope that you can see ..
    How cherished and important your memory is to me.

    I love and miss you so much sweetheart.
    Dedicated in Memorial of Your Birthday
    Your Aunt: Nahid

  15. Dear Ashkan;

    Today Is your another Birthday to a new life without pain,
    and you’re free of any of the pains from this world
    In Heaven Above ..
    My Blessings I Send
    On The Wings Of A Dove.
    Not Just For Today
    But Everyday Hereof ..
    I Think Of You Always
    With All Of My Love.
    Always Loved, Forever Missed

    Dedicated in Memorial of 9 Aug, 2009, your flying to heaven.
    Your Aunt: Nahid

  16. Dear Ashkan;

    Just thirty flowers in my bouquet,
    Just thirty years you’d be today.
    It broke my hearts to lose you,
    But to stay only brought you pain,
    Tears of love will never wake you.

    I never need a special day to bring you to my mind,
    For days without a thought of you, are very hard to find.

    Maybe I cannot send a birthday card,
    Your hand I cannot touch,
    But God will take my greetings to the one my love so much.

    Thinking of you on your birthday,
    With sadness in my hearts,
    For a very special someone,
    From whom I had to part.

    I miss you every single day, my lovely boy,
    till we meet again very soon.

    Dedicated in Memorial of Your Birthday
    Your Aunt: Nahid

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