International Symposium Schedule

Panel Topics:
Global Education
International Healthcare
Global Economics
Foreign Policy under the Obama Administration
Religion and Secularism on the Global Stage

10:00 AM: Welcome and Introduction
10:30 AM: 1st Panel, Global Education and Strategic Opportunities: Educational leaders representing Seattle, Korea, Japan and Russia will dissect the present challenges and opportunities in international education.
11:35 AM: 2nd Panel, International Healthcare: A select duo will discuss their recent efforts in International Healthcare and all the work that remains to be done.
12:05 PM: Break to lunch.
12:20 PM: A video presentation of a group of A.C.E.’s own World Language Program students.
1:00 PM: A keynote speech delivered by Ambassador Raymond Joseph, Haiti’s Ambassador to the United States.
1:30 PM: 3rd Panel, Economic Challenges in a Globalizing World: A delegation of business leaders and scholars in the field will share their thoughts on the road ahead.
2:10 PM: Coffee Break and slide show exhibiting 35 years of A.C.E.
2:30 PM: 4th Panel, Foreign Policy under the Obama Administration: A cadre of scholars representing three area universities will examine the current international landscape.
3:15 PM: 5th Panel, Religion and Secularism on the Global Stage: Muslim and Jewish leaders will hold a conversation on the interplay between religion and secularism in the worldwide arena.
4:00 PM: Closing Remarks.

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