A.C.E. International Symposium Presenters

Keynote Presenter:

Ambassador Raymond Joseph
Ambassador to the U.S., Republic of Haiti


Dr. Dong-Gyn Ahn
Vice President of International Affairs, Hallym University

Dr. Thomas Brewer
Senior Program Officer, Infectious Diseases, Global Health Program,
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Albert Erisman
Executive in Residence, School of Business and Economics, Seattle Pacific University

Mr. Hisham Farajallah
President, The Islamic Center of Washington

Dr. Joseph Ferguson
Consultant, LMI

Mr. Don Fosseen
Director, Goodman Real Estate

Mr. Tom Goetsch
President, E2 Educational Services

Mr. Douglas Gordon
Investment Strategist, Russell Investments

Dr. Dick Hoistead
Physician, Minor & James Medical

Dr. Lucille Kelley
Dean & Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, Seattle Pacific University

Ms. Karen Kodama
International Education Administrator, Seattle Public Schools

Dr. Patrick O’Neil
Professor of Politics and Government, University of Puget Sound

Mr. Barry Rowan
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Nextel Partners
& Board of Trustees, Seattle Pacific University

Dr. Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady
Vice-President, Regional Open Social Institute in Kursk, Russia & Editor-in-Chief, Russian-American Education Forum

Dr. Norman Peterson
Vice Provost for International Education
Montana State University

Members of the A.C.E. Board of Directors Presenting in the Symposium:

Mr. James B. Potter, Board Chair
Owner and Chairman, Kauri Investments, Ltd

Mr. Tobin Burgess, Board Vice-Chair
Human Resource Mergers & Acquisitions Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Dr. Nancy B. Burgoyne
Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Washington & Seattle University; Director, Center for Global Media Analysis

Mr. Samuel M. Shepherd
President, National Association of Japan-America Societies

A.C.E. Staff Members Presenting in the Symposium:

Mr. David B. Woodward
President & CEO, A.C.E.

Ms. Maka Janikashvili
Director, A.C.E. World Language Programs

Ms. Sally Thomas
Director, A.C.E. Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University


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