Dear Friends of INTERLINK and A.C.E.,

We are delighted to announce that as of January 1, 2017,  the A.C.E. Language Institutes on the campus of Montana State University and the campus of Seattle Pacific University have joined  the INTERLINK family of Intensive English Programs.

Decades of close cooperation between the two organizations enable us to recommend each other to our constituents with unqualified confidence. With INTERLINK, the needs of international students at SPU and MSU will be addressed in ways that are consistent with A.C.E. principles, philosophy, and practices. The addition of these programs by INTERLINK will provide the geographic and programmatic diversity desired by our students and sponsors.  

We invite you to visit us at Additionally, you may access the program at Seattle Pacific University at and the program at Montana State University at

With the addition of these two A.C.E. Language Institutes, INTERLINK will continue to expand its impact in international education while accommodating the diverse needs of its students. We invite you to celebrate the new year by joining us at INTERLINK.


Ahad Shahbaz
INTERLINK Language Centers

David W. Woodward
Associates in Cultural Exchange


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