A.C.E. Students from Tokyo Cook For Community

Two weeks of intensive English study at A.C.E. Language Institute. Two weeks of American cultural immersion with home stay families across Seattle. Visits to city organizations specializing in nutrition, community outreach, and health care.

So what’s left to do?

Cook a delicious, authentic Japanese meal and share it with friends and family!

On March 11th twenty-four Japanese nutrition students took part in a farewell celebration at Seattle Pacific University’s Community Kitchen. On hand were the students and chaperons from Tokyo Kasei University (TKU), SPU students, and staff and faculty from A.C.E., where TKU students had honed their English for the previous weeks.

“I really enjoyed my stay in Seattle… [the] Community Kitchen was very impressive. Also, a lecture by a Japanese dietitian was interesting. It became a great reference to think about my future.” – Mio, TKU Student

The event was the culmination of cultural and academic immersion in Seattle. Weaved around English classes at A.C.E.’s Language Institute at SPU were trips to Farestart, a Seattle restaurant specializing in job training for homeless individuals, and Swedish Hospital, where students got a first-hand look at local community healthcare and wellness. At Bastyr University, TKU students interacted with Basytr students in an acupuncture classroom and enjoyed the organic lunch bar. Families across Seattle let TKU students into their homes, giving them precious cross-cultural memories that every student took with them back to Japan.


TKU students talking with a Bastyr acupuncture student

“I was so impressed by the eagerness of the students to explore Seattle and meet people on their own. It’s amazing to see the growth and confidence they gain in such a short time.” – Virginia Gabby, A.C.E. Assistant Director for Global Initiatives

Students from TKU have been coming to Seattle every year since 2008. TKU, an all-women’s college in Tokyo, focuses on the humanities, nursing, home economics, and child development, so the two-week nutrition program fits with university curriculum. 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the partnership between TKU, A.C.E. and SPU – a monumental achievement all three organizations hope to celebrate in both Seattle and Tokyo. There is certain to be more learning, laughter, and of course, delicious food in the years to come!


Students and A.C.E. faculty and staff pose for a group photo

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