Creating Cross-Cultural Conversations for Students at A.C.E. and SPU

A.C.E. Level 3 students got the opportunity to meet local Seattle Pacific University students up close and personal on January 29, 2016.  As part of their final exam project, Instructor Sally Thomas asked students in her Listening, Communication & Grammar course to interview SPU students in a beginning Spanish class about an interesting topic of their choice.  Topics ranged from favorite local coffee houses to perspectives on homelessness in Seattle.  At first, both sets of students seemed nervous and shy, but after the first few minutes, they started to get to know one another. They quickly began to smile and gain confidence communicating as the interview dialogue began to flow.


Thomas noted, “This was fantastic because A.C.E. students are eager to interact with SPU students but it is difficult for them to do it on their own.  Likewise, the experience was so rich for the SPU students to share across cultures.”

The SPU Professor of Spanish, Eric Vogt, was so encouraged by the opportunity that he invited A.C.E. students to interview another class of students the following week.

A.C.E. welcomes opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to meet one another and explore other cultures.  To join the conversation, learn more about our programs at A.C.E. Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University.

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