A.C.E. Transfer Partner Highlight: Student Centered Learning at Western New England University

Western New England University (WNE) is a leader in integrated professional and liberal learning. Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, this small private university promotes visionary thinking, leadership, and creativity through experiential learning beyond the classroom and beyond the book to prepare their 3,800 students to become informed, responsible leaders in the global community. Take a virtual tour of Western New England’s gorgeous campus!

WNE short 4 clr

Students who complete Level 6 of A.C.E. can transfer into undergraduate or graduate programs at Western New England University with no TOEFL required! To learn more about conditional admission to WNE, click here.


On this picture-perfect New England campus, quaint brick architecture houses modern learning facilities

A Focus on Student Development: 

The hallmark of the Western New England (WNE) experience is an unwavering focus on each student’s academic and personal development.  You won’t find lecture hall style classrooms at WNE; with 51% of classes having fewer than 20 students and no class enrollment exceeding 50 students, WNE takes great pride in the personal attention each student receives from faculty and staff.


All undergraduates at WNE are offered multiple ways to engage their community

Learning Beyond the Classroom is a general education requirement for all undergraduates that provides opportunities for students to apply relevant coursework to authentic life situations in the community of Springfield, and across the world.  The purpose is to educate students to be socially conscious and committed to their environment. Through this requirement, all WNE students explore the methods in which they can positively impact their local, national, and global communities by being active citizens. To learn more about WNE’s Center for Civic Engagement, follow their blog to learn how these students are engaging with their communities.


The Kevin S. Delbridge Welcome Center houses undergraduate and graduate program advisers

Undergraduate Degree Programs:

WNE offers nearly 50 undergraduates programs across its three colleges. The most popular degree programs at Western New England include: the College of Engineering: Biomedical and Mechanical; the College of Arts and Science: Communication, Education, Forensics, Criminal Justice, and Psychology; the College of Business: Accounting/Finance, Sports Management, and Marketing.

The overall acceptance rate to Western New England University is in the upper 70%. There are several international student scholarships that are available by application. The average GPA of accepted applicants is around a 3.2.


Internship opportunities are available to all WNE undergraduates

Undergraduate Internship Culture:

At Western New England, internship opportunities are a big part of the campus culture.  Western New England University works with a network of over 1,500 businesses and organizations where undergraduates are encouraged to do field work, engineering design projects, student teach, or participate in internships. The objective is to further the student’s knowledge in a specialized area in a way not available within the regular classroom setting. Interested students enrolled in any of WNE’s Colleges may work with an adviser during their junior and senior year to incorporate a for-credit internship into their academic schedule. The internship program is not restricted to certain majors, so students across all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply for an internship.


WNE University will help you reach your graduate study goals

Graduate Degree Programs: 

Conditional admission through A.C.E. is available for all Western New England graduate programs! Please follow the links to learn more about Graduate International Student admission, or the featured programs below:

Apply Now!

For Western New England University program or admission inquiries, please email Michelle Kowalsky, international student counselor, at mkowalsk@wne.edu.

For information on how to apply for conditional admission to Western New England University, please visit their international student page. For inquiries about how to apply to A.C.E., please email enroll@cultural.org.

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