A.C.E. Transfer Partner Highlight: Texas Wesleyan University – Smaller and Smarter

“Smaller” and “Smarter” are two adjectives used by Texas Wesleyan University (TWU) to describe their student-first approach towards higher education. As a small, private liberal arts school, Texas Wesleyan University’s special attention towards each individual’s personal and professional development is what sets them apart from larger universities.


Students who complete Level 6 of A.C.E. can transfer into undergraduate or postgraduate programs at Texas Wesleyan with no TOEFL required! To learn more about conditional admission to TWU, visit their international student admissions page.

With a longstanding connection to the Dallas-Forth Worth Community in Texas, throughout its 125-year history, Texas Wesleyan University has been notable for its intimate classroom and campus environments that have shaped a higher education experience where students can thrive. About 99% of entering undergraduate students receive scholarships and/or grants.


Academic Life: Smaller and Smarter:  

Texas Wesleyan places an emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills. This vision is premised upon the understanding that professional employers seek individuals who have attained the essential skills of critical thinking, analytical reasoning and creative problem solving. Undergraduate students are presented opportunities to tackle real-world projects and research to prepare for graduate school, or a professional career. Additionally, with an average student to teacher ratio of 14:1, faculty have an opportunity to know each and every student by name in and outside the classroom.

Above all, the university is committed to developing students to their full potential as individuals and as members of the global community. The university aspires to be a values- and student-centered university, where motivated students prepare for graduate programs and leadership in professional careers.


Popular Undergraduate Degrees:

Texas Wesleyan offers 27 areas of undergraduate study across four schools. The most popular majors at Texas Wesleyan University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Education; Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Related Protective Services; and Psychology.

preprofessional twu

Pre – Professional Programs:

For undergraduate students whose goal is a graduate degree or professional school, Pre-Professional Programs are available in Pre-Law, Pre-Med/Dental, Pre-Counseling, and Pre-Seminary. This honors program will challenge qualifying students and set them on an academic fast track to a professional career in their desired field.

As a part of the Pre-Professional Program, students will participate in plenary sessions with professionals, panel discussions with current graduate students, service learning opportunities, and admissions test preparation. For more information, please email preprofessional@txwes.edu with inquiries.

Graduate Programs:

At Texas Wesleyan University, international students have the option of learning the hard skills of economics, accounting, finance, and marketing through the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, or prepare themselves for advanced teaching certification with a Master of Education (M.Ed). As with all Texas Wesleyan University curriculum, these master’s programs emphasize experiential and practical learning. A.C.E. Level 6 graduates can receive conditional admission to both of these master’s programs! Click here for more information on A.C.E. Level 6.

Affordable Study: Scholarship Opportunities:    

When submitting the free application for undergraduate study at Texas Wesleyan University, all international students are automatically considered for a number of undergraduate scholarships specific to international students ranging from $3,000 – $10,000 per year. Texas Wesleyan’s scholarship program will reduce tuition to anywhere from $5,420 to $8,920, for up to 19 credit hours per semester.   

Applications Open Now for June and August 2015 Intakes! No Application Fees! 

Approximate high school average (U.S. 4.00 scale) Yearly scholarship amount to International Students Fees per semester after scholarship award
3.5-3.99 $10,000 USD/year (Dean’s) $6,500 USD/semester
3.0-3.49 $8,000 USD/year (University) $7,500 USD/semester
2.75-2.99 $6,000 USD/year (Ram) $9,000 USD/semester

On the graduate level, tuition is incredibly affordable. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program charge just $6,489 per semester for full-time studies. The Master of Education (M.Ed) program charges $4,689 per semester for full-time studies.

Apply Now!

For detailed information on how to apply for conditional admission to Texas Wesleyan University, please visit their international student page. Do you have questions about the application process? Please direct inquires to the Texas Wesleyan University’s office of international admissions at: OneWorld@txwes.edu. For inquiries about how to apply to A.C.E., please email enroll@cultural.org.

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