Kazakh Entrepreneurial Leadership Program Visits Seattle and A.C.E.

E2's 2014 Summer Entrepreneurial Leadership Program participants pose outside the A.C.E. Central Office

E2’s 2014 Summer Entrepreneurial Leadership Program participants pose outside the A.C.E. Central office

On July 21st, A.C.E. welcomed our 3rd annual group of E2 Summer Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (SELP) students at the A.C.E. Central Office. These eight future Kazakh leaders spent several hours with President & CEO David Woodward, and Director of Marketing Lori Maxfield to gain insight into the finer details of operating a non-profit in the field of international education, as well as a clearer understanding of what it means to “Make the World Your Community,” A.C.E.’s mission. Through thoughtful discourse and stimulating questions, SELP students demonstrated a proactive passion for learning and high level of English communication skill as they made the most of their time analyzing A.C.E. The SELP students were in Seattle for several weeks and also attended A.C.E. English courses.

Students who are selected for E2’s Summer Entrepreneurial Leadership Program spend 70 hours interacting with US business leaders in Kazakhstan before traveling to the United States to interview CEO’s and managers of 20 companies in Seattle and Chicago. These companies range from the multinational powerhouses like Amazon and Boeing, to locally owned businesses like Trophies2go.com. This year’s SELP participants were mostly business students focused on learning from the core beliefs and values of successful American companies, with intent to apply this knowledge in their local market of Kazakhstan.

A.C.E. hosts the business English portion of E2’s SELP, which encourages students to work out idioms that had been heard, yet misunderstood, during their previous company meetings. SELP students left the A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU with a confidence boost in their new-found understanding of business English slang, remarking that the A.C.E. business curriculum “taught us a lot not only about business English, but also about culture and people here.”

Through A.C.E. English language courses, SELP future leaders were also educated on American culture. Upon learning that the students were preparing to attend a Chicago Cubs game, an A.C.E. instructor saw a great opportunity to teach an important part of American culture by educating SELP students on the rules of baseball. In response to the flexibility of A.C.E. instructors, E2 communications and operations director Joshua Goetsch remarked, “This kind of customization and real time adjustments is what sets our students experience at A.C.E. apart. This active relationship is what makes the instruction truly exceptional.”

SELP future leaders received certificates of completion at the A.C.E. coursework graduation ceremony

SELP future leaders received certificates of completion at the A.C.E. coursework graduation ceremony

In 1995, A.C.E. Senior Advisor Tom Goetsch recognized the complexities that Kazakhstan faced during its shift from a Soviet Socialist Republic to a global market economy. E2 Educational Services was conceived in 1996 to meet the distinctive needs of this nation in transition by providing context-intensive education to develop young leaders able to renew their country.

Since the inception of E2 Educational Services, Tom and his son Josh have successfully brought 220 select Kazakh students into the United States for business and leadership training. Additional to E2 and his collaboration with the Kazakh Ministry of Education, Tom Goetsch has brought his regional expertise of Central Asia to the table as an A.C.E. Senior Advisor for the past five years. For more information on the history and current events of E2 Education Services, please visit www.e2es.org. For more information on A.C.E. Group Programs, please visit us at www.cultural.org/groups.

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