A.C.E. Students Serve Homeless Residents in Tent City

ACEstudents0214Nine students and their teacher Andrea in the level 4 Reading and Writing class participated in a Service Learning Project to serve the homeless residents at Tent City 3 in Shoreline, WA. The project was operated in two stages and lasted about 4 hours.

First, the students gathered at the Sandpoint Community United Methodist Church to prepare and cook a meal for about 100 residents. The menu on that day was lasagna, green beans, fresh bread and fruit juice. That involved a lot of chopping onions, mixing sauces, cooking ground beef and slicing bread. They got a lot of help from Jeff, Bill and Anna who graciously coordinated the kitchen activities.

The second stage was delivering the food to the residents at Tent City at St. Dunstan in Shoreline. The weather was particularly cold and wet that evening which helped them realize how challenging it is to live outdoors during the winter months. However, the residents of Tent City welcomed them with warm smiles and showed their immense gratitude by sharing their stories. The meal was a success and they came away with an experience they will never forget.

Students had some of the following comments:

“I did not expect to see homeless people from other countries than the U.S.; one of the residents I met was from Mexico and the other from Puerto Rico.”

“I did not expect the number of homeless living and eating in Tent City. There were so many of them.”

“What homeless people need is not only money but also respect.  I felt happy when I actually cooked and served the food to them.”


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