Happy Holidays from A.C.E.

Happy Holidays from A.C.E.

Dear Friends of A.C.E.,

We have discovered in our many years of working together to “make the world your community” that we can indeed make a positive difference as we build relationships through educational and cultural exchange.Collectively, from those who started A.C.E. almost 40 years ago to all of you working and volunteering with A.C.E. today, we have directly and indirectly impacted over half a million people worldwide. Our efforts have helped people to understand their world better, and learn how to communicate and build relationships with those who come from different cultural backgrounds. Our world needs more cultural ambassadors everywhere and through your generosity and effort, we are making real inroads in the right direction. I want to thank you for being part of our A.C.E. community, for reaching out and caring for someone of a different background than your own, and helping our world move toward a better future.

We would like to welcome former staff and students of A.C.E to get back in touch with us in the year ahead as we plan for our 40th anniversary year (2013 to 2014). We’d love to share your stories about where you’ve gone and how you’ve helped make the world your own community!

Best wishes for 2013!

David Woodward, A.C.E. President

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