More Than Conversation Partners at the A.C.E. Language Institutes at MSU and URI

Students at the A.C.E. Language Institutes at Montana State University and The University of Rhode Island are immersed in American culture every day. They pick up speech, eating habits, dress, and pop music.  This Thursday those at MSU will make the experience cross-cultural as they share their habits and opinions from their normal life at home.  At the first International Conversation Hour on campus, MSU students and community members at large will talk with A.C.E. students over drinks and refreshments. Two hours starts at 4:45 on campus in room SUB 168.  If you’re there, come down, make friends, and turn cultural education into a two-way experience. Click on the event page here.

Students at the A.C.E. Language Institute at MSU will gather for conversation with the community and the rest of their campus.

At the A.C.E. Language Institute at URI, 50 students enrolled in the university’s first-year Arabic will sit down weekly with A.C.E. native student speakers.  After the halfway mark, the language will switch to English as both conversation partners get a chance to test new skills. The Institute is also rolling out the program with Chinese.  More updates and pictures to come on this wonderful weekly event of friendship and study.

At its Institutes coast-to-coast, A.C.E. is sharing messages from around the world from learners coming to the United States to truly make the world your community.

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