The Run About the World Sunday, September 9th Supporting A.C.E. WLCA

Final preparations are in full swing for the First Annual 5K Fun Run/Walk “The Run About the World” on Sunday morning, September 9.   A.C.E., in partnership with Fuerte Fitness, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle Bank, Seattle Rotary, The Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, and The Wellness Playbook, will raise funds for A.C.E. World Language & Culture Ambassadors (WLCA).  Helping for over 35 years, WLCA introduces children to the world through language and culture learning.  The goal is $10,000 for the 2012-2013 school year in scholarships for underserved kids.

Runners and walkers will negotiate safe passage through the piranhas and perilous waters of the Amazon, beat each other for best time racing up the Eiffel Tower, and travel China’s Great Wall as wheelchair ramps and pedestrian bridges are transformed into feats of speed and agility.   The obstacles dot the beautiful Cheshiahud Lake Union Trail along the water’s edge from Gas Works Park to Lake Union Park.  All participants are encouraged to dress up in their race-day cultural best, international attire to go with their sneakers.  At the finish, make arts and crafts, weave a story in another language using WLCA’s Total Physical Response method, or use your last bit of energy to learn a dance from Central Asia.

Registration is open and free T-shirts are still available for the first group of walkers.  Ages 11 and under free, $25 advance or $30 at the walk for all others.  Visit the facebook page to meet your fellow walkers! Register here for your day of fitness and fun, and give the students starting class this week the world by supporting A.C.E. World Language and Cultural Ambassadors.

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