A.C.E. Student Scientists Visit Seattle BioMed and Promote Global Health

Seattle is a hotbed of global health, with the renowned Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visibly fighting every day to bring comfort and cure to the Third World.  Research in Seattle to save lives precedes the giant, in 1976 Seattle BioMed focused on malaria, tuberculosis, and viral diseases. It grew with its city and today is the largest independent, non-profit organization devoted solely to infectious disease research and recently exhibited at the Global Health Experience at the Seattle Center. Two prepared A.C.E. students were on hand to help.

Ayat guides visitors at the exhibit.

Ayat Mohammed and Heba Alghamdi are scientists.  Ayat is a future geneticist who starts a Molecular Biology degree at Lewis and Clark College this fall.  She plans on a Doctorate in Genetics and a career teaching at a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) university.  Heba Alghamdi completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and is applying for her Master’s.  On this day straddling their disciplines and their advanced English, they explained to visitors the fundamental role of clean water and sanitation.  Earlier they visited Seattle BioMed headquarters,

Heba at the display.

Heba said, “we discussed with one of the most important scientists the subject of malaria…visited the laboratory for insect-Rouet malaria…saw all sections of the lab.”

These trips are a snapshot of their work in  Level 5 elective Authentic English: Global Health.  Gek Lee,  A.C.E. consultant and principal at Global Education Resources, teaches this course at the A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU so Ayat and Heba take in more than  Seattle’s student culture and Mt. Rainier, but absorb from its world-class research community on their trajectory to becoming global scientific citizens.

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