Student Council Takes Charge

Student Council members took on their leadership role with gusto today at the A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU. They are recruiting students to participate in two exciting events: an international potluck at the beautiful Golden Gardens and a greenspace restoration project through our new ECO Club.

As part of their duties, the Student Council also plans an event of their choosing.  This session they will organize a photo scavenger hunt at the Woodland Park Zoo!  They’ve gotten everyone so excited about this event that even the staff want to participate!

In honor of Ramadan, the Student Council will also organize a conversation activity where Muslim students will educate and share stories about Ramadan with A.C.E. students and staff.  I am very excited to take part in this activity and gain a greater cultural understanding of our student body.  Congratulations go out to the Student Council for making this and many other activities happen at A.C.E.!

–Andrew Turgeon, Enrollment Services Coordinator


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