Monthly Archives: June 2012

Student Council Takes Charge

Student Council members took on their leadership role with gusto today at the A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU. They are recruiting students to participate in two exciting events: an international potluck at the beautiful Golden Gardens and a greenspace restoration…

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A.C.E. Staff Visit Embassies in Washington, DC

The first Saudi Arabian scholarship students in 1927 went to nearby countries and focused only on Bachelor’s degrees in Arabic and Islamic studies.  Today more than 100,000 Saudi scholars have come to the United States alone. Others travel to Poland, The Netherlands, Singapore,…

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GILI Teacher Trainees Arrive at SPU

For the seventh time, Gangwon International Language Institute trainees arrived at the A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU.  Forty-eight hours after their plane ride, these elementary school teachers faced a slew of orientations: their teacher, their texts, the campus, and the…

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Spring Activities at A.C.E. Language Institute at MSU

June in Bozeman easily sees snow, and this year sprinkled on the 9th. Undeterred by spring’s slow start, A.C.E. students danced outside to local band “Skavacado” at the grand opening of store Schnee’s on June 8th.  Schnee’s, a very Montana…

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A.C.E. Leader Scales New Heights for Charity

The A.C.E. Board Chair is rappelling off a 40 story Seattle skyscraper this summer for a very good cause.  Dan Dierdorff, EVP/Chief Lending Officer at Seattle Bank, will strap on his gear, close his eyes, and go over the edge…

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