A.C.E. Promotes Partnerships in Russia and Ukraine

A.C.E. President, David Woodward, and A.C.E. Senior Advisor for Russia & Ukraine, Dr. Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady, visited Ukraine and Russia in late March.  In Kiev, Woodward signed an agreement and spoke to faculty and students at the Kyiv University of Law.  Woodward and Tsyrlina-Spady met with officials at the Moscow Banking School (College) of the Bank of Russia where Woodward spoke to a group of students, and they also met with the leadership of the Russian Economic School.  They concluded their week with presentations at Southwest State University in Kursk, Russia, as well as Kursk State University.  While signing an agreement with Southwest State University, Woodward was interviewed by several local news stations and the signing ceremony was covered by the nightly news. Woodward spoke to approximately 500 students and faculty members in the three cities and found his first trip to these countries a remarkable and uplifting experience.  Woodward commented that “It is clear that Russia and Ukraine are countries with immense human potential, energy, and a young population eager to engage with people of other cultures.  The emerging leadership in education have real vision for their role in global engagement.  Moreover, it is deeply moving on a personal level to have the privilege, as I have, to be cared for with such kindness as a newcomer to these fascinating lands.”

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