Students Become Leaders at A.C.E. Student Council

At A.C.E. Language Institutes we value the power that student voice has on the overall quality of our programs inside and outside the classroom.  This week, a select group of students came together at the A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU to make their voices heard on a variety of topics.  Selected by peers to represent their class, or level, these students will now take on an exciting and important role: that of a Student Council member!

And how will Student Council members focus their enthusiastic energies?  Guided by Kara, our Student Services Coordinator, these students represent their classmates in three key areas:

Communication: Council members discussed their classmates’ feedback and ideas, from finding locker space for commuting students to improving campus key card access.  They also had suggestions for improving communication amongst students and staff.  Ibrahim (Level 2) proposed that students in higher levels write about their experiences for a new student newsletter.  Both Jafer (Level 1) and Ayat (Level 5) suggested that students from different levels and countries meet for informal conversation classes.  In supporting students to express their needs, ideas, and themselves, A.C.E. and its Student Council are strengthening our learning community as a whole.

Involvement: Council members brainstormed a number of activities that will involve students in life outside the classroom.  Inspired by his own volunteer experience, Omar (Level 4) will coordinate a group of A.C.E. volunteers to prepare food for Tent City, a structured living place for the homeless.  Mohammed (Level 3) discussed researching pick-up soccer games for students that share his passion for the sport.   These activities will soon be included in the monthly calendar and Student Council members will make sure to promote all these enriching opportunities to their fellow classmates.

 Leadership: Collaborative, attentive and always with a smile, Council members proved to be key leaders and role models for their fellow students.  If their first meeting is any indication, this term’s Student Council will successfully bridge student and staff voice, improving the overall A.C.E experience in the process.  Congratulations, Council members!  May you take on the role with gusto!

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