A.C.E. Welcomes US Asia Education as New Partner Agency

A.C.E. is pleased to bring onboard the Chinese recruiting agency, US Asia Education.  Our staff welcomed President Yan Zeng to the language institute at SPU yesterday and discovered global connections between the two!

A.C.E. Instructor Davey Young recently returned from teaching two semesters at the Shandong University of Science and Technology, Jinan campus in China. Twenty years ago, Yan also taught at the Shangdong University of Science and Technology. Yan taught at the campus in Tai’an city. Tai’an is known for the beautiful Mount Tai Shan, which is the first of five sacred mountains in China and a designated World Cultural and Natural Heritage site. During her 3 year stint teaching English in China, A.C.E. Student Services Coordinator Kara Schulthesis visited Tai’an to climb Mount Tai Shan.

A.C.E. warmly welcomes Yan and our partnership with US Asia Education!

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