A.C.E. Staff Present Teacher Training Programs at NAFSA

A.C.E. Instructor Suzanne Tierney and Director of Marketing Lori Maxfield attended the NAFSA Region I and XII Conference in Reno, Nevada on November 8-11, 2011.  The two shared a presentation titled “Professional Development and Teacher Training Programs: Comparing Styles Through Personal Experience in the U.S. and Latin America.”  The interactive 90-minute session discussed case studies of teacher training programs in Panama and of Korean teachers attending the A.C.E. Language Institute in Seattle.  Attendees made comparisons on the impact of one’s cultural background on teaching and learning styles in Panama, Korea, and the U.S.  While attending the NAFSA conference, A.C.E. also served as the North American liaison for the Eiken test of Japan by encouraging U.S. universities to recognize the Eiken test for English language proficiency.

One Comment on “A.C.E. Staff Present Teacher Training Programs at NAFSA

  1. Great to hear that you guys have this kind of program.As English language has been become one of the most widely spoken languages, it caters a lot in terms of education and culture. English language could aid alot!

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