A.C.E. Celebrates Partnership with SPU and New Location

An A.C.E. student shares her experience.

The A.C.E. Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University hosted an Open House on Tuesday, October 11, to celebrate its 35th year of partnership with SPU and to inaugurate its new office located at 18 Dravus Street, Seattle.  A.C.E. president David Woodward spoke about the history of A.C.E. and SPU going back to 1976.  Several students and alumni shared their experiences about how A.C.E. and SPU have contributed to their educational development.  Over 120 staff and students attended the event to share stories and enjoy a barbecue luncheon.
A.C.E. and SPU have enjoyed a long-standing partnership since the institute first began hosting individual and group programs in 1977.  Graduates of A.C.E. Language Institute have transferred to SPU having gained English proficiency and preparation for American academic life.  Students from SPU have served as interns and work-study participants at A.C.E.  Faculty from both A.C.E. and SPU have collaborated to host professional development programs. Both A.C.E. and SPU students benefit from participating in the Language and Culture Partner program, which creates opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and global understanding.  A.C.E. expresses gratitude to all the individuals who have contributed toward our decades of partnership and this day of celebration.


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