A.C.E. Hosts Educational Delegation from Gangwon, Korea

A.C.E. was honored to host seven distinguished guests from the Gangwon Provincial Office of Education and the Gangwon International Language Institute in Korea. The delegation is led by Mr. ByeongHee Min, the first Superintendent of Gangwon Provincial Office of Education to be elected by the Gangwon citizens. Gangwon International Language Institute and the A.C.E. Language Institute in Seattle share a strong partnership which has cooperated on five training programs since 2009. Through these programs, one hundred Korean teacher trainees and thousands of American community members and children have benefitted from the exchange of language and culture.  We hope this visit and our ongoing partnership will continue to build bridges of friendship and cultural understanding between the people of Gangwon Province and Washington State for years to come.

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While visiting A.C.E. in Seattle, the delegation attended a barbecue dinner hosted at the ranch of A.C.E. Board Chair Jim Potter. Guests enjoyed Korean barbecue meat and American horseback riding demonstrations. On Monday, the delegation visited the Washington State Superintendent’s office in Olympia and was introduced at the Seattle City Council Meeting before visiting the Mercer Island School District. On Tuesday, delegates attended a briefing on A.C.E. programs and observed the GILI teacher training program at the A.C.E. Language Institute before meeting the Interim Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools. The visit culminated in a celebration dinner for the trainees and delegates with special guest Senator Paull Shin.

A.C.E. expresses appreciation to our delegates for their visit and for each person who helped make their meetings productive and memorable.

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