Brazilian Educational Advisers Visit A.C.E. in Seattle Following Announcement of 75,000 Study Abroad Scholarships

Brazilians visit A.C.E. at SPUAfter the NAFSA Conference in Vancouver, Canada, three Brazilian educational advisers visited A.C.E. for a weekend in Seattle.  Their visit follows the announcement by Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff to award 75,000 study abroad scholarships to Brazilian students between now and 2014. As a collaboration between the Brazilian government and the private sector, the scholarship initiative was launched shortly after President Obama’s visit to Brasilia in March, when he advocated for 100,000 exchanges between the US and Brazil in the next two years. Read the complete news article here (in Portuguese).
The guests included representatives from EducationUSA at Centro Universitário Senac, the EducationUSA Advising Center at Associação Alumni in São Paulo, and the EducationUSA Advising Centers and the Comissão Fulbright in Rio de Janeiro. A.C.E. Senior Advisor Stephen Murphy led the guests on a tour of the A.C.E. central office and language institute at Seattle Pacific University, before culminating in a tour of Seattle’s most popular attractions and local cuisine.  One visitor topped off the trip by attending the U2 concert in Seattle that night.  A.C.E. expresses appreciation to our guests for sharing their time in Seattle as we work together to promote international education opportunities.

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