A.C.E. Business English Students attend Seattle Rotary Meeting

On Wednesday, March 16, Hamam Kady and Mohammed Alkhedher, two A.C.E. students in Valerie Giesbrecht’s Business English class attended the Seattle Rotary Club Lunch Meeting with A.C.E. Board Member Andrew Rapp and A.C.E. Program Coordinator Kate Spoor.

The lunch program kicked off around 12:00pm with opening announcements followed by Japanese Consul General Ota, who spoke about the recent tragedies in Japan and of his appreciation for the generous support of the people of Seattle and the U.S. After General Ota, the main speaker Gerard Schwarz, Director of the Seattle Symphony shared about his upcoming retirement from the symphony, and his career as a Music Director.

Hamam Kady made the following comment about the experience:
“When I first arrived to the place, I was a little bit self conscious since it was a new experience. However, as time went by, I started to be more relaxed. I was touched by the Japanese gentleman who talked about the devastating impact of the earthquake. I also had the chance to meet one of A.C.E board members, Andrew Rapp. I enjoyed talking to him especially because he is a lawyer. All in all, it was a nice experience, and I encourage other student to go if they have the opportunity.”

Attending Rotary is a wonderful opportunity for students to put their new Business English vocabulary to use, to discuss their own expertise in the field that they are pursuing back at home, and to network with local business men and women. All in all, it was an inspirational event for our students and a good time was had by all.

Thank you again to Andrew Rapp for hosting our students!

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