Chance encounter in the Narita Airport in Tokyo

Sally Thomas, Director of A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU, had a nice surprise this month when a new student she was interviewing as part of the English placement procedure relayed to her in broken English that Virginia told her to “say hi to Sally, she’s a nice person”. Virginia Gabby is a former A.C.E. staff member, who left over a year ago to teach English in Korea. Apparently Virginia was waiting for her flight at the Narita airport in Tokyo when she saw a group of students holding A.C.E. folders and heard “Mie University is now boarding” over the loud speaker. Virginia was familiar with the program from Mie University which has come to A.C.E. at SPU for several years, so she approached one of the students with the message which was then relayed to Sally during her one-on-one interview upon arrival in Seattle. A.C.E. really is making the world your community by creating connections worldwide!

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