A.C.E. and MSU Quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education on Current Middle East Issues

A.C.E. and MSU in The ChronicleTwo weeks ago several of us were attending the Association of International Education Administrators conference in San Francisco.  While there, our colleague, Dr. Norm Peterson, was asked to chair an impromptu session on current events in the Middle East as they bear on international educational exchange, and he asked me to attend in support of the session.  A writer for the Chronicle was there and as an outgrowth of this session they have just published this fairly extensive overview of the situation.  Norm and I are both quoted here, and I think the article endorses the notion Norm and I share that the Middle East is one of the most important regions for engagement, but institutions need to be patient and go about it in a culturally thoughtful and strategic way.  The youth of the Middle East deserve our support and the youth of other countries need the opportunity to learn about this phenomenal region.

You can read the article here at The Chronicle of Higher Education:
Arab Protests May Open Door for U.S. Scholars

David B. Woodward, A.C.E. President

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