Halloween Party at A.C.E. at SPU

A.C.E. closed session 10/08B with a trick and a treat! Students and teachers gathered in costumes — Emily dressed as a Wilma Flintstone, Sally as Ewarda, a transfer student from Forks, WA, and Kate as Audrey Hepburn. Tim was “backwards” as his clothes displayed and Michelle was a mix of a witch and an 80’s Rockstar. In addition to the fun, games were initiated by teachers to get students into the spirit of Halloween!

Naoto describes his experience at the party: “Trick or Treat!! We had a blast together at the Halloween Party wearing creative costumes. That was actually the best Halloween Party I’ve been to! There were about 50 people…but of course, the more, the merrier!! We had bunch of snacks and played funny Halloween games such as Chubby Bunny, Mummy Wrap, and Musical Chairs, which made us full and laugh out loud. What’s next? We are already looking forward to another party…”

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