Level 6… Cooking Class?

By Valerie Giesbrecht and Fahd Alenezy: Can there be too many cooks in the kitchen? Not the night before Ramadan! Fahad, Abdulrahman, and Raphael prepared the Kapsa, grilled the steaks, and harvested rhubarb for the fruit crisp. As Valerie eyed the pressure cooker with suspicion, the Saudi men reassured her with culinary knowledge from grandmothers. The result? Delicious!

Fahd writes “During Summer Course, I had a nice experience with my teacher Valerie that allowed me to have fun in Valerie’s house. Actually, we went as a group of four to her house and we have experienced cooking a lot of things including Kapsa. Kapsa is a special Arabic meal. She has an awesome big kitchen and I loved it. We practiced English together while eating together. This activity helped us to improve our language, to be confident, and to exchange our cultures of lots of things including cooking food. These kinds of activities stimulate the student and cut the formal relations between teachers and students. I completely support activities outside the class especially for international students. It’s so nice to be concerned and supported in the educational process.”

To learn how to make a great cherry pie, just like Valerie and her students made, you can follow this simple recipe.

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