A.C.E. Sponsored Volleyball Tournament was a Hit!

By Kate Spoor: On Oct 14th, more than 25 SPU and A.C.E students joined a volleyball game in SPU’s main gym. SPU student David Lopes helped organize the event by inviting all his friends. As one of the leaders of the event, he broke the teams into two and started the games. 6-8 SPU students were on one side of the net and 6-8 A.C.E. students made up the other half. A few students came out to cheer on the teams, too! Mohammed Alkhattabi’s wife Shoroq sat excitedly cheering her husband on while chatting with other SPU students and A.C.E. Instructor Emily Morris.

Instructor Davey Young came out and helped root on the teams and I was able to get out as well and hit the ball around with the guys. A couple of the SPU women decided to join in as well, so Kate didn’t feel so alone. Fahd Alezeny was really encouraging and got all the students involved!

Naoto Katagami, A.C.E. intern who began volleyball in Japan five years ago comments, ” It was such an exciting game…We wish we could have played longer, but that was great enough to share the wonderful time together. Through playing volleyball, we could get a lot of opportunities to talk with each other, even with American students. We hope we will have another activity for the students someday soon! Why don’t you come join us next time?”

Yes, please join us soon for another A.C.E. sponsored sports event! Stay turned to the Activitiy Calendars for details!

See all the photos here!

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